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Home More ~ Read this and you will know everything about Japan Webmoney
Q1: Japan WebMoney , WebMoney, Are They Related?

No, they are not related to each other at all, Japan Webmoney is a different product to Webmoney (see LOGO). Many people don’t know this, confused and there is always danger of buying a wrong product. I think that is why the logo is totally different.

Webmoney logo

Official website:


Japan Webmoney logo

Official website:

If you type you will automatically redirected to


Q2: How do I choose the right product I need?

Easy….if you want to buy stuff from Japanese website or use this webmoney on online games that are related to Japan, then Japan Webmoney is the one.

Q3: I don’t understand Japanese at all, is it easy to purchase and use Japan Webmoney?

Don’t worry, to use Japan Webmoney, you only need to read carefully RELATED INFORMATION available in this site:

1. How to create new account in

2. How to charge point to your account

3. How to create Prepaid code from your account

All the tutorial is explained in English and really easy to follow, just read it carefully.

Webmoney Japan can be used to buy online in many online stores in Japan (some of them are listed below: Recommend sites) , but most of the sites only has japanese display (you can use Homepage translation sites like AltaVista or Google translation to view it in english or other languages)

It is also recommended that you ask about shipment to outside Japan if you want to buy goods from those shops.

Q4: How Japan Webmoney works? and how I use Japan webmoney to purchase stuff?

Japan Webmoney is a prepaid card used in many website shop and games in Japan. It containts a 16 digits code and you can charge point to your Wallet account (You need to have a Wallet account to use Japan webmoney: for new users see How to create new account at Related Information)

Most of the time you have to insert the 16 digits code when you want to pay or buy with Japan Webmoney.


For example:

1. You want to buy an item equal to 500 Webmoney Point.

2. You have 2000 point in your account.

(For new user, see how to create new account and how to charge point at related information)

3. You have to create a code for 500 Webmoney point from your account

(see how to create prepaid code at related information).

4. After you create the prepaid code, then your account will be reduced to 1500 point (blinking)

and it will also display a 16 digits code worth 500 point.

Then, you can use the 16 digits code (worth 500 point) to purchase your item (worth 500 point).

These are some of recommended sites where you can use Japan Webmoney to buy online. Just look at it and maybe you can find what you are looking for:




Music (songs) (CD/DVD):




RPG:  (Final Fantasy XI)  (Maple story) (9dragons)


Manga (comic):